“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have not charity, I am become as a sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal.” (I Cor. 13:1) The challenge for Christians today is the same as it has always been: to be what we say we are, Christ-like ones. We at The Gospel Mission strive to present Christ in all of our endeavors. What a precious story we have to tell, freedom from the bondage of sin and everlasting hope in God!


The Gospel Mission meets physical, educational and social needs, but our primary responsibility is to meet spiritual needs by introducing men and women, young and old, to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Only through Him are lives truly changed. We are thankful for people who assist in this ministry of Word, deed, and love through prayer, service and gifts.

Christmas Needs (updated year-around)

* Please visit our Christmas page to find out how you can help!

Meals Ministry

The Gospel Mission serves free full buffet meals every day of the week. It takes many things to make that happen at a cost we can afford. There are many contributors to this part of our ministry and perhaps you or a group would like to assist in keeping the food coming in. The following items are needed. You may also send in funds designated for use in the meals ministry. Large can or container sizes are preferred. Some of the items below are commercially packaged and available atGFS Foods.

Fruit, all types Black Pepper Napkins (11 x 17, 4500/box)
Ketchup packets (1000/box) Table salt Forks (1 – 2000/box)
Nacho Chips White vinegar Soup spoons (1000/box)
Yams or sweet potatoes Apple cider vinegar 12 oz. foam cups (1000/box)
Peanut Butter Parmesan cheese Paper/foam plates
Flavored Gelatin Butter Patties Industrial oven mitts
Jelly Packets Ketchup

*Print GFS Shopping List

Volunteer Missionary Program

The Gospel Mission offers the chance to go to the mission field without ever leaving Dayton, Ohio. Consider investing your talents for the Lord on our inner-city mission field.

Just about any job that you can think of is available:

Working in our wonderful kitchen with delicious meals
Preparing clothing and household goods for distribution
Stocking and arranging various inventories
Working with the many youth ministries
Lawn and gardening
Computer input
Computer repair
Concrete workers
Educational Instructors
Handy Man
Audio Technician
CCTV Technician

Student Intern Program

High school and college age students may apply for various programs to satisfy community service and curriculum requirements. Live-in programs are also available for students over 18.

Group Mission Service

We obviously encourage service in the Lord’s work and the mission is a great outlet. Every day is open to group involvement. Groups may be from Junior High and up, there is work available to fit all ages and abilities. You may schedule on a one time basis or sign up for regular commitments. In order to get the day you want, schedule plenty in advance . . . the Gospel Mission is a popular place.

Visiting Your Church

We will gladly bring a Gospel Mission presentation to your congregation. For those churches who already support us, we love to bring reports of good investment from the mission field of the inner-city. If your church would like to have a presentation to consider us for support, don’t hesitate to call and work out a schedule. Not only will your investment be productive, but we also offer our loyal congregations an outlet for serving on the mission field. This has proved to be a great experience for hundreds already serving.

Financial Contributions

Your financial contributions are handled with care and well invested. No amount is too small when it is given in the spirit of Christ. Much can be accomplished with the widow’s mite. We know that we are accountable to God for all resources that He sends us. We want to hear “Well done, ” from our Lord.

How Are We Financed?

We believe that to do work in the Name of Christ, we must rely wholly upon Him. We have never, currently do not, and never plan in the future to accept government funding. We do not have “fund- raisers” of any type. We do not have large general population mailing lists. We do not have commercial advertisement.

We do depend on God’s people to put us on the mission field of the city and keep us there. We send a report back to our supporters quarterly via the Lighthouse, the latest issues are on this site. As long as we continue in His will, we never have to fear being found in need. In a hi-tech, “modern” world, with all kinds of attention getters, trusting God is still the only way to go.