Welcome to Nehemia

Nehemiah University is the educational outreach ministry of The Gospel Mission, Inc. The primary goal of the university is to introduce people to Christ and strengthen their relationship with Him. Along the way, we want people to increase in wisdom and knowledge. That, by the grace of God, will greatly assist them through life’s walk. This applies both to youth and adult.

Adult Courses

Courses are offered according to need. Many courses are offered in computer education. The university has classes on all of the Microsoft programs and operating systems as well as classes in computer hardware building. A systematic course of Bible is taught with each class.

The University has three computer labs, which are kept very busy with classes and tutoring. The Nehemiah University is totally dependant upon the Lord to direct equipment such as CCTV, televisions, video recorders computers and instructors into the Lord’s service here. All of the instructors are volunteers who wonderfully give of their abilities to further the work of the Lord. We rely heavily on volunteers such as the Sydney CCTV Installation Company for their assistance at some of our premises.

Youth Courses

One can hardly spend any time at all with our inner city youth without seeing a great need and challenge to reach them for the Lord. Granted, all youth experience “growing pains” with different challenges. Many of our youngsters do not have the advantage of both a mother and father at home, or perhaps it’s grandparents endeavoring to raise the family. Add to the difficult home life, drugs, alcohol and other very prevalent vices, to which they are constantly exposed. Then, finally, top off all of that with a poor education and you have a formula for failure by anyone’s standard.

Christian parents understand the necessity of these three key elements in a child’s life: home, environment, and education. These elements must be blended with the love of God, through Christ. The Nehemiah University works to strengthen the elements needed for the youngsters.

Every day there are various classes that our youth may join. The university works in many educational areas from the Arts to Sciences. There are programs seven days a week. Our objective is to cultivate gifts and talents they may have and give them a desire to excel and accomplish. This all must be done with the love and wisdom of Christ.